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Beyond the soundtrack : representing music in cinema



Introduction. Phonoplay : recasting film music -- Musical meaning. The boy on the train, or bad symphonies and good movies : the revealing error of the "symphonic score" / Peter Franklin ; Representing Beethoven : romance and sonata form in Simon Cellan Jones’s Eroica / Nicholas Cook ; Minima romantica / Susan McClary ; Melodic trains : music in Polanksi’s The pianist / Lawrence Kramer ; Mute music : Polanski’s The pianist and Campion’s The piano / Michel Chion -- Musical agency. Opera, aesthetic violence, and the imposition of modernity : Fitzcarraldo / Richard Leppert ; Sight, sound, and the temporality of myth making in Koyaanisqatsi / Mitchell Morris ; How sound floats on land : the suppression and release of folk and indigenous musics in the cinematic terrain / Philip Brophy -- Auteur music / Claudia Gorbman -- Transport and transportation in audiovisual memory / Berthold Hoeckner -- The fantastical gap between diegetic and nondiegetic / Robynn J. Stilwell -- Musical identity. Early film themes : Roxy, Adorno, and the problem of cultural capital / Rick Altman ; Before Willie : reconsidering music and the animated cartoon of the 1920s / Daniel Goldmark ; Side by side : Nino Rota, music, and film / Richard Dyer ; White face, black noise : Miles Davis and the soundtrack / Krin Gabbard ; Men at the keyboard : liminal spaces and the heterotopian function of music / Gary C. Thomas.

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