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Trois couleurs : Bleu, Blanc, Rouge

Auteur(s), compositeur(s), interprète(s) : Preisner, Zbigniew (1955-....) Découvrir l'auteur


Song for the unification of Europe

Van den Budenmayer ; Funeral music

Julie ; Glimpses of Burial

Reprise ; First appearance

The Battle of carnival and lent

Julie with Olivier


First flute

Julie in her new apartment

Julie on the stairs

Second flute

Olivier's theme

Olivier and Julie ; Trial composition

Bolero ; Trailer for 'Red'film

Song for the unification of Europe

Closing credits

The Beginning

The Court

Dominique tries to go home

A chat in the underground

Return to Poland

Home at last

On the Wisla

First job

Don't fall asleep

After the first transaction

Attempted murder

The Party on the Wisla

Don Karol

Phone call to Dominique

Funeral music

Morning at the hotel

Dominique's arrest

Dominique in prison

The End

Milosc od pierwszego wejrzenia

Fashion show

Meeting the judge

The Tapped conversation

Leaving the judge


Today is my birthday

Do not take another man's wife


Conversation at the theatre

The Rest of the conversation at the theatre



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