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Contenu : Re-make - re-model. Ladytron. If there is something. 2h.b.. Bob (The) : medley. Chance meeting. Would you believe?. Sea breezes. Bitters end

Contenu : Do the strand. Beauty queen. Strictly confidential. Editions of you. In every dream home a heartache. Bogus man (The). Grey lagoons. For your pleasure

Contenu : Street life. Just like you. Amazona. Psalm. Serenade. A song for Europe. Mother of pearl. Sunset

Contenu : Thrill of it all (The). Three and nine. All I want is you. Out of the blue. If it takes all night. Bitter sweet. Triptych. Casanova. A really good time. Prairie rose

Contenu : Love is the drug. End of the line. Sentimental fool. Whirlwind. She sells. Could it happen to me?. Both ends burning. Nightingale. Just another high

Contenu : Manifesto. Trash. Angel eyes. Still falls the rain. Stronger through the years. Ain't that so. My little girl. Dance away. Cry, cry , cry. Spin me round

Contenu : The midnight hour. Oh yeah. Same old scene. Flesh and blood. My only love. Over you. Eight miles high. Rain, rain, rain. No strange delight. Running wild

Contenu : More than this. Space between (The). Avalon. India. While my heart is still beating. Main thing (The). Take a chance with me. To turn you on. True to life. Tara

Contenu : SINGLES, B-SIDES AND ALTERNATIVE REMIXES CD1 : Virginia plain. Numberer (The). Pyjamarama : Island mix. Pyjamarama : Polydor mix. Pride and the pain (The). Do the strand : Usa 7' mix. Hula kula. Your application's failed. Thrill of it all (The) : edit. Thrill of it all (The) : Usa 7' mix. Love is a drug : Usa 7's mix. Sultanesque. Both ends burning : 7' mix. For your pleasure : live. Trash 2. Dance away : 7' version. Dance away : canadian extented 12' mix. Angel eyes : 7' version. Angel eyes : 12' version. SINGLES, B-SIDES AND ALTERNATIVE REMIXES CD2 : Oh yeah! : 7' version. Manifesto : remake. South downs. Lover. Jealous guy. To turn you on : 1981 B-Side version. More than this : 7' version. Avalon : 7' version. Always unknowing. Take a chance with me : 7' version. Take a chance with me : Usa 7' mix. Main thing (The) : 12' version. Main thing (The) : remix

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