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Contenu : Fairchild. Go to the mardi gras. Trouble with my lover. Got a get my baby back home. Little baby. Two-way-poc-a-way. If were a carpenter. Do it fluid. What you want. Jockey ride : parts 1 and 2. We the people. Take care your homework friend. What'd I do wrong. Book (The). Fagged out. Gossip gossip. Big chief : part 2. Omar Khayyam

Contenu : CD 1 : Spreadin' honey. Soul finger. The Shadow of your smile. Gangster of love. The Memphis train. Get out of my life woman. Live right now. Pig snoots, part 1. Soul sound system. Snatching it back. Stoned soul. Getting the corners. Sexy coffee pot. Don't come around here anymore. Keep on dancing. Right on brother, part I. Pop, popcorn children. It's your thing. It's all in your mind. Funky John. Help me make up my mind. Rock me baby. Sing a simple song. Do you dig it. Funky canyon. Jan jan. Tampin. CD 2 : Gossip. Somebody in the world for you. Stanga. Jumpin' Jack Flash. The Deacon. Sookie sookie. Right on. If there's a hell below we're all going to go. Stepping stones. I'm jsut like you. Funky thing, part 1. Messie Bessie. Fairchild. Cold bear. I can't get next to you. Feelin' alright. Soul bowl. Tuane. Take it off, part II. Seeds of life. Engine number 9. CD 3 : Hard times. What so never the dance, part I and II. Headless heroes. Spinning wheel. Bad tune. Mr. cool. Don't cha hear me callin' to ya. Hang on in there. Funky nassau. Whatever's fair. Face it. Wah wah man. Rock steady. Won't nobody listen. Goin' down. Suavecito. You gotta know watcha doin'. Mo jo hanna. Ridin' thumb. Almendra. Nuki suki. CD 4 : Getting uptown. 8 days on the road. Moon shadow. Let it crawl. Wanaoh. If it was good enough for daddy. Everything I do gonna be funky. Cosmic sea. Kissing my love. Flute thing. Chug chug-a-lug. Funky to the bone. Try it again. Teasin'. Chicken heads. Rien ne va plus. Cajun moon. Improve. Riding high. Four play. California dreamin'