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Archives : vol.1 : 1963-1972

Auteur(s), compositeur(s), interprète(s) : Young, Neil (1945-....) Découvrir l'auteur



The sultan

I wonder


I'll love you forever

I can't cry

Hello lonely woman

Casting me away from you

There goes my babe

Sugar mountain

Nowadays clancy can't even sing

Runaround babe

The ballad of peggy grover

The rent is always due

Extra, extra

Flying on the ground is wrong


Out of my mind

Down, down, down

Kahuna sunset

Mr Soul

Sell out

Down to the wire

Expecting to fly

Slowly burning

One more sign

Broken arrow

I am a child

Everybody knows this is nowhere

The loner


What did you do to my life ?

The last trip to Tulsa

Here we are in the years

I've been waiting for you

The old laughing lady

I've loved her so long

Down by the river

Cowgirl in the sand

The old laughing lady

On the way home

1956 bubblegum disaster

Whiskey boot hill

Cinnamon girl

Running dry

Round and round

Oh lonesome me

Everybody's alone

I believe in you

Sea of madness

Dance dance dance

Country girl


It might have been



Come on baby let's go downtown

Tell me why

After the gold rush

Only love can break your heart

Don't let it bring you down

Cripple creek ferry

Southern man

Till the morning comes

When you dance, I can really love


Music is love

See the sky about to rain

On the way home

Old man

Journey through the past

Love in mind

A man needs a maid ; Heart of gold

There's a world

Bad fog of loneliness

The needle and the damage done

See the sky about to rain


Are you ready for the country ?




War song

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  • Date
    • 2009
  • Notes
    • Enregistrements réalisés entre 1963 et 1972
    • 1 : Early years : 1963/1968
    • 2 : Topanga 1 : 1968/1969
    • 3 : Live at the Riverboat : 1969
    • 4 : Topanga 2 : 1969 - 1970
    • 5 : Live at the Fillmore East : 1970
    • 6 : Topanga 3 : 1970
    • 7 : Live at Massey hall : 1971
    • 8 : North country : 1971/1972
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    • Anglais
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    • 1 coffret de 8 disques compacts
    • 8 heure(s)
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