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Hippie modernism : the struggle for utopia

Exposition. Minneapolis, Walker Art Center. 2015-2016

Exposition. Bloomfield Hills, Cranbrook Art Museum. 2016

Exposition. Berkeley, Berkeley Art Museum. 2017



Artistes représentés : Isaac Abrams; Acid Tests; Ant Farm; Archigram (Peter Cook); Archigram (David Greene); Archigram (Ron Herron); Archigram (Michael Webb); Archizoom Associati; Aspen; Steve Baer; Jordan Belson; Boyle Family; Stewart Brand; Ira Cohen; Bruce Conner; Dick Dahlgren; François Dallegret; Sheila Levrant de Bretteville; The Diggers; Documerica; Emory Douglas; Drop City; ÉOyvind FahlstrÉom; Quentin Fiore, Jerome Agel, and Marshall McLuhan; Quentin Fiore, Jerome Agel, and R. Buckminster Fuller; Quentin Fiore, Jerome Agel, and Jerry Rubin; Free City Collective; Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini, and Franco Teodoro; Clay Geerdes; Global Tools; Gorilla Graphics and Kamikaze Design; Gary Grimshaw; Helen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison; Jack Hatfield; Jack Hatfield and Louis Sozzi; Fayette Hauser; Haus-Rucker-Co; Alfred Henry Heineken and N. John Habraken; Nancy Holt and Robert Smithson; Barbara Isaacs; Ken Isaacs; Sture Johannesson; Lloyd Kahn; Kaleidoscope Graphics; Alton Kelley; Corita Kent; Ugo La Pietra; Bud Lee; Paolo Lomazzi, Donato D'Urbino, Jonathan De Pas, and Carla Scolari; Carl Lundgren and Victor Skrebnewski; Carl Lundgren and Jerry Younkins; Bonnie MacLean and Herb Greene; Roberto Mardones; Tony Martin; Katherine McCoy and Michael McCoy; Katherine McCoy and Edward Fella; Victor Moscoso; Stanley Mouse; Stanley Mouse, Alton Kelley, and Michael Bowen; Ted Nelson; Hélio Oiticica and Neville D'Almeida; ONYX (Mike Hinge); ONYX (Ron Williams); ONYX (Woodson Rainey); Oz; Victor Papnek; Victor Papnek and George Seegers; Victor Papanek and James Hennessey; Gaetano Pesce; Gregory Pickup; Provo; Radical Software; Elias Romero; Evelyn Roth; Lucas Samaras; Scanlan's Monthly; Michael Shamberg, Raindance Corporation, and Ant Farm; Alan Shields; David Singer; David and Satty Singer; Ettore Sottsass; Maurice Stein, Larry Miller, and Marshall Henrichs; Gerd Stern; Superstudio; UFO; USCO; John Van Hamersveld; Videofreex; John Whitney; Whole Earth Catalog; Judith Williams; Allen Willis; Wes Wilson, Wes Wilson and Dean Cail; and Wes Wilson and Jerry Uelsmann
Essays. The barricade and the dance floor : aesthetic radicalism and the counterculture / Andrew Blauvelt ; Atmospheres of institutional critique : Haus-Rucker-Co's pneumatic temporality / Esther Choi ; Agency and urgency : the medium and its message / Lorraine Wild and David Karwan ; From east to west and back again : utopianism in Italian radical design / Catharine Rossi ; Buckminster Fuller's reindeer abattoir and other designs for the real world / Alison J. Clarke ; It's not easy being "free" / Craig J. Peariso ; Counterculture terroir : California's hippie enterprise zone / Greg Castillo ; Networks and apparatuses, circa 1971 : or, hippies meet computers / Felicity D. Scott ; Mandalas or raised fists? : hippie holism, panther totality, and another Modernism / Simon Sadler ; How cybernetics connects computing, counterculture, and design / Hugh Dubberly and Paul Pangaro ; Radical bodies / Ross K. Elfline -- Works. Section I : turn on -- Section II : tune in -- Section III : drop out -- Advertisements for a counter culture -- Interviews. Enter the matrix : an interview with Ken Isaacs / Susan Snodgrass ; Toward a stroboscopic history : an Interview with Gerd Stern of USCO / Tina Rivers Ryan ; Domes, droppers, and the ultimate painting : an interview with Clark Richert and Richard Kallweit / Adam Gildar ; On covers, connections, and criticality : an interview with Günter Zamp Kelp of Haus-Rucker-Co / Esther Choi ; Stirring the intermix : an interview with Tony Martin / Liz Glass ; Unspeakable signs : an interview with Woodson ("Woody") Rainy and Ron Williams of ONYX / Esther Choi ; Blueprint for counter education : an interview with Maurice Stein, Larry Miller, and Marshall Henrichs / Jeffrey T. Schnapp ; "One, two : a hundred, a thousand global tools" : an interview with Franco Raggi / Andrew Blauvelt.

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