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Contenu : The End of a love affair. I should care. Skylark. Once I loved. Everything happens to me. I fall in love too easily. I'll be seeing you. If I should loose you. 03 09 2007 16h23. Smile. Alone together. Wave. Moon and sand. Moon river. Valentine's day. Goodbye. I'll be seeing you...

Contenu : Aurora. The sultan. I wonder. Mustang. I'll love you forever. I can't cry. Hello lonely woman. Casting me away from you. There goes my babe. Sugar mountain. Nowadays clancy can't even sing. Runaround babe. The ballad of peggy grover. The rent is always due. Extra, extra. Flying on the ground is wrong. Burned. Out of my mind. Down, down, down. Kahuna sunset. Mr Soul. Sell out. Down to the wire. Expecting to fly. Slowly burning. One more sign. Broken arrow. I am a child. Everybody knows this is nowhere. The loner. Birds. What did you do to my life ?. The last trip to Tulsa. Here we are in the years. I've been waiting for you. The old laughing lady. I've loved her so long. Down by the river. Cowgirl in the sand. The old laughing lady. On the way home. 1956 bubblegum disaster. Whiskey boot hill. Cinnamon girl. Running dry. Round and round. Oh lonesome me. Everybody's alone. I believe in you. Sea of madness. Dance dance dance. Country girl. Helpless. It might have been. Winterlong. Wonderin'. Come on baby let's go downtown. Tell me why. After the gold rush. Only love can break your heart. Don't let it bring you down. Cripple creek ferry. Southern man. Till the morning comes. When you dance, I can really love. Ohio. Music is love. See the sky about to rain. On the way home. Old man. Journey through the past. Love in mind. A man needs a maid ; Heart of gold. There's a world. Bad fog of loneliness. The needle and the damage done. See the sky about to rain. Harvest. Are you ready for the country ?. Alabama. Words. Soldier. War song

Contenu : Cinnamon girl. Everybody knows this is nowhere. Round & round. Down by the river. Losing end (The). Running dry. Cowgirl in the sand