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Sound unbound : sampling digital music and culture


An introduction, or my (ambiguous) life with technology / Steve Reich -- In through the out door: sampling and the creative act / Paul D. Miller -- The future of language / Saul Williams -- The ecstasy of influence: a plagiarism mosaic / Jonathan Lethem -- Roots and wires remix: polyrhythmic tricks and the black electronic / Erik Davis -- The life and death of media / Bruce Sterling -- Un-imagining utopia / Dick Hebdige -- Freaking the machine: a discussion about Keith Obadike’s sexmachines / Keith & Mendi Obadike -- Freeze frame: audio, aesthetics, sampling, and contemporary multimedia / Ken Jordan and Paul D. Miller -- A theater of ideas: an interview with Steve Reich and Beryl Korot on Three tales / David Allenby -- Quantum improvisation: the cybernetic presence / Pauline Oliveros -- The ghost outside the machine / Scanner aka Robin Rimbaud -- The musician as thief: digital culture and copyright law / Daphne Keller -- Integrated systems: mobile stealth unit / Beth Coleman and Howard Goldkrand -- An interview with Moby / Lucy Walker -- Zing! Went the strings / Joseph Lanza -- Renegade academia / Simon Reynolds -- The world of sound: a division of Raymond Scott Enterprises / Jeff E. Winner -- From hip-hip to flip-flop: black noise in the master-slave circuit / Ron Eglash -- South Africa’s rhythms of resistance / Lee Hirsch -- The virtual breeding of sound / Manuel DeLanda -- Zoom: mining acceleration / Liminal Product: Frances Dyson and Douglas Kahn -- An interview with Alex Steinweiss / Carlo McCormick -- Stop, hey, what’s that sound? / Ken Jordan -- Permuting connections: software for dancers / Scott deLahunta -- On improvisation, temporality, and embodied experience / Vijay Iyer -- Spin the painting: an interview with Nadine Robinson / Alondra Nelson -- Camera Lucida: three-dimensional sonochemical observatory / Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand -- Fear of a Muslim planet: hip-hop’s hidden history / Naeem Mohaiemen -- Three pieces / Chuck D -- Bells and their history / Brian Eno -- What one must do: comments and asides on musical philosophy / Daniel Bernard Roumain -- An interview with Pierre Boulez / Hans Ulrich Obrist and Philippe Parreno -- Adh’an: the sounds of an islamized orthodoxy / Ibrahim Quraishi -- Theatre of the spirits: Joseph Cornell and silence / Catherine Corman -- Where did the music go? / Jaron Lanier.

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