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Anthology of american folk music. Vol. 1 , Ballads

Auteur(s), compositeur(s), interprète(s) : Justice, Richard (1906-1950) Découvrir l'auteur


CD1 : Henry Lee

Fatal flower garden

The House Carpenter

Drunkard's special

Old lady and the devil

The Butchers boy

The Wagoner's lad

King kong kitchie kitchie ki-me-o

Old shoes and leggins

Willie moore

A lazy farmer boy

Peg and awl

Ommie wise

My name is John Johanna

CD2 : Bandit cole younger

Charles Giteau

John Hardy was a desperate little man

Gonna die with my hammer in my hand


White house blues


When that great ship went down

Engine one-part-forty-three

Kassie Jones

Down on Penny's farm

Mississippi boweavil blues

Got the farm land blues

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