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Barbara Hammer : Evidentiary Bodies

Exhibition. New York, USA, Leslie - Lohman Museum. 2018



Barbara Hammer: Evidentiary Bodies' is a multifaceted exhibition-project that delves into the life's work and resonating impact of lesbian feminist artist and filmmaker Barbara Hammer. Known to most as a pioneer in queer cinema, this occasion marks the first where a large breadth of Hammer?s work can be witnessed and studied side-by-side.Acknowledgements -- Screaming for lesbian visibility / Gonzalo Casals -- Introduction / Staci Bu Shea and Carmel Curtis -- Barbara Hammer: the poetry of her films / Janlori Goldman -- Making lesbians visible: the experimental documentaries of Barbara Hammer as queer archive / Ron Gregg -- Barbara Hammer and the mutability of film (observations from an archivist) / Mark Toscano -- A video letter to Barbara Hammer / Joey Carducci -- The artist as archivist, the archive as art / Ann Cvetkovich -- Choreographing the lesbian possibility: Barbara Hammer's double strength / Krystyna Mazur -- Ways of the flesh: Barbara Hammer's vertical worlds / Rizvana Bradley -- A conversation with Barbara Hammer / Jamillah James -- On resisting paradise / Domitilla Olivieri -- Beyond cultural feminism: new approaches to Barbara's Hammer's early films / Greg Youmans -- Systems breakdown: medical approaches / David Napier in conversation with Barbara Hammer -- Dearest Barbara / Florrie Burke

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