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Cornelia Parker

Exhibition. London, Tate Britain. 2022


Made in close collaboration with the artist, and incorporating perspectives from a wide range of contributors, this stunning paperback exhibition book is an absorbing survey that encompasses all aspects of Parker’s career, from the late 1970s to the new work being made today. Cornelia Parker’s art is about destruction, resurrection and transformation. Always driven by curiosity, she reconfigures familiar objects to question our relationship with the world, and engage with the important issues of our time, be it violence, ecology or human rights. No other contemporary artist has worked so closely with such a wide range of individuals, groups and institutions: the British Army, The Royal Mint, Abbey Road Studios, prisoners, school children, The Daughters of the Republic of Texas, whistleblowers and the UK Parliament among many others.

  • Disponible - 70"19" PARK 2

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