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Lists for Living : Inspiration for every season

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  • Date
    • 2012
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    • Add sparkle to an ordinary day with these suggestions for any season of the year – Joyful summer; Reflective Autumn; the Restorative Winter and New Beginnings of Spring. Lists for Living will help you make the most of all aspects of your life – friendships, fun, creativity, wardrobe, lifestyle, spiritually and much more. It contains suggestions to help you through tough times, ideas for fun things to do when you need inspiration and bright ideas when you can’t think of any. Never intended to provide comprehensive lists on topics, it is meant to spark your imagination, jumpstart your creativity and bring some light–hearted moments into your day. Browse the topics, enjoy the quotations, try some of the ideas, and share some with your friends. And when you’re done, it’s your turn to come up with some imaginative lists of your own.
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