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Contenu : Eau douce. Dansez sur moi / avec David Linx. Bonheur. Armstrong (version instrumentale). Herbie Hancock. L'espérance en l'homme. Les chenilles. Autour de minuit / avec Natalie Dessay. Bidonville (version instrumentale). Fleur bleue. Les mots / chanté par David Linx. Toulouse (version instrumentale)

Contenu : The Moon. Morpheus. Pygmalion. Hunger. Icarus. Orpheus ; Sonnet. Persephone. Narcissus. White world ; Oedipus. Phaeton. The Hours

Contenu : Without a song. Things we did last summer. A night in Tunisia. Blues by five. Body and soul. Space track. Hub-tones

Contenu : Poem 1. School boy. Poem 2. The Sun and the moon. Poem 3. Sassy. Poem 4. Fears. Poem 5. The Razor rim. Poem 6. Zero. Poem 7. First crush. First slow dance. First kiss. First time. Poem 8. Girls !. Poem 9. A train, a banjo, ans a chicken wing. He and she

Contenu : Travelers. Peaceful warrior. Nemesis. Riddle me this. Into the labyrinth. Karma. Roadside distraction. Harvesting dance. Praise. Afterglow

Contenu : Magnetic. Jacob's Ladder. Don't run. Pet step sitter's theme song. Hallucinations. No borders just horizons. Comet. Central focus. Another step. Time to spare

Contenu : Put your hands on it. Ain't misbehavin'. Yacht club swing. Lulu's back in town. Two sleepy people. Joint is jumpin' (The). Honeysuckle rose. Ain't nobody's business. Fats elegy. Handful of keys. Jitterbug waltz. Sheik of Araby ; I found a new baby